How can we achieve this with a Mobile Service ?.

When our mobile technician visits you to perform the  
remap we will download the contents of your ECU with our  
tuning tools which will either be a Alientech Kess V2, CMD  
Flash or Byteshooter, these tuning tools are market  
leaders in their field.

Once the technician has downloaded the required file from  
the ECU he will then send it to us at our headquarters via  
email and then we will begin to work on it, we will then  
open each map in the tuning file and make all the required  
changes, when this is completed we then return the file  
back to the technician for re-installation into your vehicle.
Please note that all of our mobile remaps have  
been thourougly tested on our rolling road dyno.

If you would like to book in for a mobile remap  
service we can usually get you booked in the  
next day for a remap, and if you ring us before 12  
noon then very often we can get you in the same  
day as we have quite a few mobile technicians  
that work for us.
After the remap is complete our technician will then go  
with you so that you can road test the vehicle to make  
sure that you are happy with the work that has been  
carried out.

Once you are happy with what we have done then the  
technician will take payment and issue you with a receipt.

We also offer DPF removal, EGR delete, and Speed  
Limiter removals with our mobile service and can also  
offer different remapping option as follows..
All of our Mobile Remaps are tuned to suit every individual vehicles that we work on.
M: 07828874719
- up to 35% in BHP and Torque with up to 10%  Fuel Savings.
- up to 10% in BHP and Torque with up to 20% Fuel Savings.
- up to 20% in BHP and Torque with up to 15% Fuel Savings.
- up to 25% in BHP and torque with up to 5% fuel savings.
- up to 10% in BHP and torque with up to 5% fuel savings
- up to 5% in BHP and torque with up to 10% fuel savings.
Generally, any vehicle equipped with an Engine Management System (ECU) can be tuned, which includes both petrol and diesel engines. However, Unique Tuning produces best results on turbocharged or supercharged engines. Raising the turbocharger or supercharger boost pressure, allows for much higher gains in power to be achieved, when combined with the correct ignition timing and fueling adjustments. Normally aspirated (non-turbo) engines will only gain a significant improvement in power.

After your ECU upgrade to your vehicle, you will enjoy:
Increased Horsepower
Increased Torque
Better Throttle Response
Smoother Power Delivery
Improved Fuel Economy
Safer Overtaking
We don't contract our mobile work out to anybody else and we cover just about anywhere in the UK.
Specail Offer On Mobile Remapping:

Please note that it costs an extra
50 for any vehicle that requires the ECU removal from the vehicle to carry out the remapping, this charge also applies to mobile remaps.
All Major Cards Accepted
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