We like to try and keep our prices simple.

All ECU Remapping carried out at our workshop that does not require the ECU removing to carry out is:
299RRP - 100 OFF In-House .
200 In-House remap subject to T&C
Remap & TCU - DSG Remap £100 OFF RRP
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If you would like your vehicle to be tuned on our Dyno then the price will be from: 299 depending on
how high a performance vehicle you have and what modifications that it has had done to it, please give
us a call to discuss your needs and pricing.

Specail Offer On Mobile Remapping:

Please note that it costs an extra 50 for any vehicle that requires the ECU removal from the vehicle
to carry out the remapping, this charge also applies to mobile remaps.

Power runs only without any remapping is only: 75.

All of the remaps that we provide have been developed and tested on our dyno for perfection.

Other services that we offer are, DPF Removal, EGR Removal, Speed limiter removal, ECU cloning,
Diagnostic fault finding, Dyno hire, Club Dyno days, please phone for a quote for your needs.

Custom Exhaust System
Prices are subject to change depending on the final spec requested by the customer, but as an
approximate guide, a typical cat-back system for a hatchback will start from 299 + vat, which is
inclusive of stainless tubing, silencer boxes, chrome tips and labour.

This is a very affordable way of restoring performance and emissions to levels similar to when the
vehicle was new. Prices - From £110 RRP
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We offer interest-free finance on combined package, Remap, Terraclean and Exhaust Systems over 699. You pay the first of four instalments at the shop (which acts as your deposit) and then you can pay the remaining three months via direct debit and without interest. Subject to T&C RRP
Accepted payment methods Credit cards charged at 2%, no charge for debit cards.
All Major Cards Accepted
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Remap & Terraclean Custom Exhaust,
In-House Remap