All vehicles have what is called an ECU (Engine Control Unit) which is a computer that controls how the engine works.
ECU Remapping is modifying the original software to allow the engine to run at it's optimum without any restrictions.
Most of the remapping is done via plugging special reading and writing equipment into your vehicle serial port (OBD port, vehicles from 2000 to 2010) which then overwrites the original engine software with a new version to enhance the engine performance, OBD port remapping is less intrusive and requires no removal or opening of the ECU. we also do Chip Tuning, BDM, TriCore and other methods of remapping.
The latest generation of ECUís have what is referred to as a locked TriCore processor. With  this  method  it  would require to remove the  ECU from the
vehicle and the only method available is to open the ECU and remap via direct connection. It is much less  invasive than chip tuning as you do not need to remove  the Eprom, we will then make a  simple connection to the circuit  board that  will  bypass  the chip protection that  has been enabled by the manufacturer, this is something that was introduced in 2009 and implemented on a lot of 59 plate registered vehicles and onwards (we call this TriCore Protected), we will
If you would like more information about what is involved in ECU Remapping, continue reading below.
Chip Tuning is the most difficult type of ECU remapping (priced accordingly) with this method we will need to remove the ECU, (most vehicles before 2000 requires the removal of the ECU) and change the Eprom Chip, it is
the same concept as the TriCore system, once we have the ECU on the bench we will require the removal of the Eprom Chip  which contains all the tuning software and use an Eprom Chip reader/writer to copy all the original files that are contained within the Eprom it self, we will then need to make all the necessary changes, when this is completed we will then rewrite the modified maps back into Eprom Chip, (some Eprom Chips are not
re-writable so we would need to replace it with the same equivalent) we will then reinstall the ECU back into the vehicle and then the remap is complete.
then perform the same procedure as we do with the OBD remapping, when we have completed this process we will then replace the ECU back into the vehicle and then the remap is complete.

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Vehicle manufacturers automatically
de-tune the engine by setting the
software on the ECU to a default
setting before sending the vehicle
out. This is done because the
manufacturers sell their vehicles all
over the world, this means that the
software settings inside the ECU
have take into account the different
climates, laws & restrictions and the
varying quality of fuels.
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