Carbon deposits are the by-product of combustion inside your engine. This build up will affect the efficiency of your engine and typically result in reduced performance, reduced fuel economy and increased exhaust emission.
The Follwing

low graded fuel
Unburned fuel
Stop and Go in traffic / Stop & Start System
Short journeys

Driving conditions- continuous short trips, high load low revving engines.
Emission control systems
(Exhaust Gas Recirculation Systems - EGR)

This is where the problem starts. If there is an excess build-up of carbon in your vehicles engine the following may occur:

Vehicle performance issues, feeling sluggish etc.
Running rough.
Poor vehicle emissions.
Poor fuel economy.
In extreme cases it could result in engine damage.

These mainly occur due to the fact that the carbon deposits inside the engine may restrict the air mixing with the Petrol/Diesel which in turn could cause the mixture to be not as efficient when igniting, causing a loss of power.
TerraClean is a service available via the UK network of approved service centres and mobile operators.  A TerraClean service involves linking your vehile to our unique equipment which using highly refined fuels and  patented process will remove carbon and other lacquers which build up in your engine, thus restoring vehicle efficiency, improving MPG and reducing harmful emissions - as well as prolonging the life of various components, thus reducing the costs of ownership.
Every time you press the accelerator pedal, you are controlling how much fuel and air the engine takes in. These calculated amounts typically mix together before being drawn into the combustion chamber of an engine cylinder, producing the controlled burn that powers the vehicle.

One of the issues of a combustion engine is that it will produce carbon. This carbon accumulates in the air intake, combustion chamber, and exhaust system, which will restrict your car’s ability to breathe properly.
This is a very affordable way of restoring performance and emissions to levels similar to when the vehicle was new. Prices - From £110 RRP
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