Keep Your Vehicle Properly Decarbonised.

Vehicle maintenance should never be overlooked. Keeping your engine properly decarbonised can improve fuel economy by 4 - 15%.

We have used "pour in" chemical additive cleaners for over 25 years, but Terraclean is way better than that!

The most innovative piece of equipment we have seen for a long time, quite simply Terraclean is unique and cleans your engine from the injector to the tip of the exhaust. We are now able to offer our customers a 'Terraclean Service' for both Petrol and Diesel engines.
Terraclean is an advanced cleaning system that requires unique patented machinery and chemicals that connect to the vehicle using high quality OEM specific adapters The machine takes over as the vehicles fuel tank and fuel pump. The process enables cleaning of internal engine components without dismantling the engine! The majority of carbon, tars and varnishes are removed from; fuel injectors, injection pumps, combustion chambers, valves, manifolds and oxygen sensors. Terraclean diesel decarboniser is designed to remove carbon from combustion chambers and injectors to safely restore horsepower, restore MPG and lower emissions, when connected to the vehicle will:
Clean and lubricate the fuel pump which in turn extends component life.

Remove carbon build up from the combustion chamber, this results in a more efficient burn.

Clean the fuel injectors so the spray pattern is restored which gives back lost fuel economy.

We have also had outstanding results with emission control devices such as exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valves and diesel particulate filters (DPF or FAP’s) removing carbon build up and saving money on component replacement.
This is a very affordable way of restoring performance and emissions to levels similar to when the vehicle was new.
Prices - From £120
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